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Color Therapy  or Chromotherapy

What is it and how                                              

does it help us?


When you look around you, you will notice that everywhere you turn your gaze, there is color. Be it out in nature, or inside a room, our eyes are constantly met with the frequency of different hues of color. Some bright, some dull, some loud, some subtle. One thing is for sure; color is everywhere and affects us in our daily life. There is a reason why certain colors are recommended for sleeping quarters, the calmer hues of yellow, eggshell, light pink etc. And other colors have a better effect in social gathering areas where the atmosphere is livelier; such colors can be red, orange, bright greens and so on.


Color Therapy or Chromotherapy (as it is often refered to; Chroma in Greek means color) is an ancient healing technique that brings about balance to body and mind by means of application of color light. Color Therapy can be used for any problem whether, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual for specific problems as well as an overall means of relaxation. It can be safely used on babies, kids, adults and animals.

In Color Therapy we allow the different wavelengths of each color to permeate our skin, our glands and our chakras where it is absorbed at a cellular level and assists the body in its healing process. Color Therapy is classified as vibrational healing, as it helps balance our physical, emotional and mental vibrations by regulating and adjusting compromised frequencies. Think of our warm, bright Sun; Sunshine is one of the most valuable and readily available color therapy tools. Lack of sunlight may contribute to depression and S.A.D. symptoms for some people as our bodily functions are compromised from lack of light. Certain colors may help alleviate depression symptoms, help us sleep, gain energy, deal with anxiety and balance our body. Blue Solarized water is also an energized form of filtered water, beneficial for cleansing, detoxing, clearing cellular memory and helping with karmic release. Solarized Blue water is beneficial for removing blocks in the conscious & subconscious levels.


The particular beneficial effect of colors in our life - mood, emotions and general well-being - is what we refer to as Color Therapy. During a session a particular color or colors may be used to help clear and balance certain areas in the body. Color therapy can be applied for a plethora of ailments such as: bring about calm, help lower our blood pressure, be energized, help support treatments for depression, anxiety, stress, pain and even assist in such things as weight loss efforts. Treatments can be delivered during a session and some can be brought home to use in your own time.


Color therapy treatments can be delivered is several ways:

  • Chromogei/Color Lamp – uses color light and color gels and projects wavelength on bare skin

  • Vibrational Color infused Spritzers & Solarized Blue Water

  • Color Therapy eye glasses – wear for prescribed times during the day

  • Flower Essence Remedies – ingestible tinctures

  • Color Visualization – guided during the session

  • Nutrition based Color Therapy – eat/drink supportive color fruits & veggies

  • Color Therapy through our wardrobe – choose the color that enhances your mood

  • Accessorize – Color Therapy through accents (jewelry, candles, pillows, etc)

  • Color Therapy through crystals/gems – wear or carry the crystals that balance you

  • Aura Soma - Color Therapy through application of a color system


In a similar way, certain imbalances can be pin pointed by observing the colors we use on a daily basis. Our color preferences can tell a good deal about you to a knowledgeable color therapist. Colors can indicate where there may be an imbalance which in turn can shed the light on a target area; this could show up as emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues and provides some clarity on how to proceed in order to provide support for healing to take place.

Shades of COLOR

Following the colors of the rainbow and the main chakras in our body a brief description of each can be found below. This is a very small list but gets across a general understanding of color influences. Specific color wavelength applications may be used for particular disorders.



Increases blood circulation, alertness and self-confidence, decreases lethargy and depression



Increases confidence and joy, decreases loneliness and fatigue, stimulates appetite



Increases memory and self-esteem, aids in studying, decreases desire to be critical.



Attracts abundance in finances, bringer of luck and energy, reduces claustrophobia, indecisiveness and anxiety.



Heightens tranquility and patience, suppresses appetite, strengthens motherly love and relationships with Mom, denotes piety, lowers negativity and stress.



Helps access intuitive guidance, Increases stability and rational thought and actions, decreases blood pressure and impulsiveness.



Increases psychic ability and spirituality; decreases aggression and insomnia, denotes royalty, power and nobility.



Colors have been used for eons in rituals and everyday life to cleanse, protect, guide, clear and support us. In ancient Greece gold was well sought after and large quantities of shells were crushed to obtain the pigment. In Native American cultures color was obtained from nature and was important in their structures and body decorations as well as the adornments they wore on their heads. Some cultures use white for weddings and celebrations others for mourning and grief. Colors may even be used to clear cellular memory and past karma. According to Dr. M. L Kathotia negative karma can be released by certain color visualizations. We can see that the therapeutic effects of color can be varied and very beneficial. So easy to use, with hardly any side effects.

Now that your attention has been captured, take a moment and look around your surroundings? What is the prominent color in your life? What does your closet look like? Which fruits and veggies appeal to you?

Are you ready to add some intentional color to your life?

If you would like to experience color therapy in your session (in person and remote) please send me a note ahead of time when you book your Energy Medicine appointment.

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