Corinna P. Kromer CRM/T, HTCP, NLP, Rev.

Mediterranean Lifestyle Coach & Visionary Wellness Educator

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New Client Forms & Info

I am so excited to be joining you in finding ways to create the life you want and to help you move through stress, pain and life's challenges.

The boring stuff.

How my business is laid out and what to expect.

This form is to be filled out by all new clients for Energy Medicine Services and Vibrational Healing Sessions.

Please print, fill out and bring with you (email for Long Distance appointments) before your session.

Client Information and Waiver Form

The legal, boring but necessary stuff! This form is to be filled out by all new clients scheduling an Energy Medicine Session. Please print, fill out and bring/email before first session. Thank you.

New Client information form specifically for Raindrop appointments.

Ready to make some positive changes in your life? Coaching is a great way to identify and solidify new ways of being that bring a fulfilling and purposeful life. Send your application in to get started!

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