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Welcome to your

Life Giving Tool-Kit


There are some simple practice we can all engage to ease our stress and pain and regain our strength and joy in life.

Below are some free and simple tools to get you back on track. Once these become a routine you will be amazed at how your regain control over your life and limit distress and dis-ease in mind and body.

Be well!




#1 Breathe Before you wake

Many of us hit the floor running in the morning. Allow me to introduce a more gentle way to begin your day. Upon opening your eyes, stay lying for a few minutes and feel the body. Check in to see how you feel, notice the energy in the heart area and slowly eventually get out of bed by gently coming into a sitting position and then getting up.

Take a couple of full breaths, as if you are craving them, and feel the breath reaching every living cell in your body, nourishing and awakening it.

#2 Vision your day

It is beneficial to take a few minutes to create the day in our mind before we allow the day to take over for us. Find a quiet place where you sit comfortable for a few minutes. Take a couple of full breaths and in your head visualize your perfect day, step by step. How you see it happening, how it unfolds with fluidity and noting that you have enough time to accomplish everything you need to. Give thanks for the opportunity to live this day and with a full breath, gently bring your attention back to the present moment and begin your day.

#3 Take Ten – Breathe Again

Have you noticed that whenever you have a free minute during the day you will try to fit in another chore and cross off yet another thing of your to-do list? You might have a few minutes to run a wash, organize some paperwork, make a phone call, etc.  This practice, while it seems menial, provides the space for us to take full breaths, ground and check-in with our body and see how we are feeling. It relaxes our body, clears our mind and allows our systems to catch up and settle down providing us with a calm state.

The only language our body has to communicate with us is feelings of Pain, Tension, Destress and Emotion. Let’s not ignore those but offer up a listening ear to the body to stay connected and take action when needed to avoid larger dis-eases in our physical vessel.

When scheduling appointments, chores, things to go, make it a point to schedule ten minutes in between each action to take the time to breathe, drink a glass of water, use the restroom. You know all the things you set aside for later.  Again and again…So Take Ten and breath again!

#4 Bless your water

Water is our livelihood and carries a lot of energy. Water can be charged by our emotions. Several studies have been performed to see how water absorbs the energy it is around and it has been noted that we can affect the quality of the water by sending it positive and life filling thoughts. If you stop to note that our bodies are somewhere around 80% water imagine how we can positively affect our organs and systems by blessing our water before we consume it.

Take a moment to consciously bless and drink your water by being in the moment and feel that life-force move through your body as it quenches your thirst.


#5 Remember, Review, Release

Many of us take our worries to bed and night and fall asleep thinking about all the things in our life that put us in distress.  When we go to sleep at night our brain does not stop working. Instead it is likely to focus on our last thoughts whether those are good or bad. Let us try something different instead. Before you go to bed at tonight, take a few minutes to review your day. At the end of the review give thanks for all that happened during you day and all that you accomplish. Take a full breath and feel the day being released from your body with the exhale letting go of any worry of stress.  As an added bonus find a happy thought and take that to ponder about in your dreams.


What would you rather have your life look like? What do you want to be doing ? Who are your friends? How do you serve in the world?

If you are ready to make some changes take a moment to ponder that you are the only responsible person for the way your life is right now. Yes, life happens, but truly underneath it all you have the power to make a change as small as that might be in the beginning.

Use the journaling template below to jot down your strengths and use those as a focus to move forward in your plan.

Journal Template - Gifts.jpg

Copyright  © Corinna P Kromer 2019

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