Mediterranean Lifestyle Coaching Program

Living YOUR Dream


A program that gives you the opportunity to succeed in life, have confidence & feeling healthy, happy and joyful.

This lineup will change your life!

Follow me for a moment... Raised in the magnificent and lively Mediterranean my coaching style encompasses unique and proven Lifestyle methods that are sure to enhance your life. And, as a certified NLP** professional and HeartMath Coach and Mentor I can guide you through your heart's desires to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

We will have the opportunity to use many of the tools that I have picked up along the way over my 20 years of practice.  Clearing out old piles of mental and emotional blocks, learning how to navigate life in calm and cohesive way. using Energy Medicine techniques to ease pain and find physical and emotional peace as well as my engaging in my very own Elevator to Consciousnesses (ETC) lucid hypnosis technique that can help you move through subconscious obstacles efficiently. The ETC method has proven to help people move from the painful past into the glorious present in much shorter times than other modalities, and without having to relive painful memories.

And I will educate you on ways to continue living life on your terms from now on, Are you ready to Live YOUR Dream?


All these tools are available through my coaching program once you decide to make the commitment to yourself to live the life you deserve. If it is time for you to step out of the old paradigm and into a life that you crave then join me in the next six months where we join forces and bring a new reality to life.


The Mediterranean Lifestyle Coaching & ETC Signature Program, Living YOUR Dream  will help clear old habits at a Cellular Level and will help you release the unconscious patterns that hold you hostage.


It does not matter where you are in the world, we can connect over the phone or internet platform and work together to achieve health, well-being and success. Combining my two decades of experience in Energy Medicine and Mentoring we will explore Mindfulness and the Study of the Psyche to powerful step into new beginnings. My coaching services have proven to be an integral part in helping my clients find ways to reduce stress in life and replace it with joyful and exciting living.


So, whether you have been looking to bring change and success into your life or you are just fed up with the old same ol', my coaching style and unique support system will prove vital in achieving your goals.


This is an invitation to step into a life-transforming exploration. If you are craving a better life you need to examine who you are and how you can step more into who you want to be - a better YOU. When you step into the powerful version of you and come from that place of authority then you can be an even more powerful companion, leader, human!


My goal is to help you find ways to pinpoint, manage, prevent and heal any physical/mental/emotional/spiritual disconnection.Through the Elevator to Consciousness technique, ETC for short, we successfully target those areas in your life that need to be addressed and begin the journey to clarity, healing and fulfillment. .


I believe in the uniqueness of each one of you and in creating a safe and mutually trusting relationship. Together we can find the source of your discord, bring it to light, embrace it's presence and move into releasing the attachments which no longer serve you. That will leave you free to finally pursue your goals without limitations.


The Living YOUR Dream™ Signature Program, is offered in person and remote appointments no matter your location. This 6 month commitment will change your life. Follow up 3 month engagements are available a-la-cart for those wishing to zone in on specific targets of their lives. Each session is personalized for you and geared to teach you the best ways of living life at a whole other level.


Are you ready to change your life for the better?



*Living YOUR Dream™ - The Mediterranean Lifestyle coaching & ETC package may be paid in full or  charged on a convenient monthly basis with 6 monthly payments. The package is 6 months long with weekly scheduled appointments, for a total of 24 sessions. Scroll down for payment options.

** NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

***Please note that these sessions in no way replace any regiment and/or treatments from your primary care physician and are meant as extra layer of support and recommendations to aid you in your journey to joy and well being.

Wellness Lifestyle Coaching Packages

are right for you if:

  • You are tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

  • You are finally ready to live the life you were meant to live.

  • You are looking for focused one on one time catered to your needs.

  • You need support to manifest your vision.

  • You are ready for a change and a one on one path to accountability.

  • You want to live in abundance and joy and are willing to take the steps to bringing these along.

  • You want to be SUCCESSFUL in all areas of your life!

  • Free Consultation - a thirty minute over the phone consultation to meet, ask questions and explore compatibility.  Due to the long term commitment and the rigorous rhythm of the program the Mediterranean Lifestyle Coaching package requires an application process prior to joining.

        Isn't it time to pursue your dreams?


  • Living YOUR Dream -
    a 6 month program with 60-75 minute bi-weekly appointments. Appointments include a combination of hands on techniques, NLP practices and the unique Elevator to Consciousnesses lucid communication process. Sessions are delivered in person, over phone or Zoom platform.
    ETC sessions may be combined with Energy Medicine where we energetically clear any old patterning and move into release and acceptance.    - If you are new to remote sessions feel free to read the Long Distance explanation to get an understanding of how we can work together no matter where in the world you are located.

This program is guaranteed to change the way you think and help you gain control over your choices and your life.  Having moved through my own experiences and with over 20 years experience in helping people from all walks of life and a deep understanding of the psyche I will walk with you hand in hand in clearing past obstacles and helping you achieve your goals. I have witnesses first hand how these sessions give you support and change your life! Permanent change is accomplished best through repetition and long term practice. This six month program helps you build momentum and achieve long term positive behaviors that if continued will accelerate the manifestation of your life's vision.

Coaching sessions are most effective when followed up without gaps. Habits can be hard to break and it is with constant support and mental stimulation that we find the stamina and determination to pursue our goals. The follow up program, Coaching as you go, will help you stay on the path and continue on the upward trajectory of a healthy and  successful life.

Effectiveness follows consistency in your appointments and "home-play" exercises to practice at home. Results can be phenomenal and will depend on the effort you are ready to apply. If you are ready to take life into your own hands and take the necessary steps to success this is step one towards your life goals and freedom.

Package will include

  • Initial 75 minute session & 2 sessions/month, for 6 months

  • Release the past work

  • Evaluation of current issues

  • HeartMath breathing exercises

  • Multi -Sensory Brain Training - Engage the wisdom of the mind

  • Meditation / Visualization videos

  • Home-play tools to raise your frequency

  • Steps to achieve your Goals

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Bi-Weekly online group Q&A sessions.  online platform (30 minutes)

  • Accountability & Progress moderation

  • Supportive Electronic handouts & material

​​If you are paying in full please visit the Services page for most recent information on prices and availability.

For the payment plan please use the PayPal setup

*Living YOUR Dream™ - The Mediterranean Lifestyle coaching & ETC package payment details are available upon registration, before commitment, and payments can be arranged. Pay in full and you get a bonus session worth $300 or join a convenient monthly payment plan with 6 monthly payments. The package is 6 months long with bi-weekly scheduled appointments, for a total of 12 sessions.

Corinna P. Kromer, HTCP, CRM/T, HMC/M, NLP, Rev. 
~ Inspired Health Energy Medicine & Coaching  - Fort Collins,  CO ~
Highly Transformative Mediterranean Lifestyle Coach
Board Certified Energy Medicine Professional
Wellness Educator, Author, Chef & Motivational Speaker ~
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