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Principles of Energy Medicine
What is it and how does it work?


What is Energy Healing and how does it work?

Have you ever wondered why your hands feel like they are  buzzing some times?

Do you ever see something out of  the corner of your eye?

Do you sometimes think of someone and then the phone rings and it is them?

That is because we often innately tap into our more sensitive side and experience capabilities that we have not been trained on. Our intuition is a big part of who we are but we often dismiss it as something we should not trust.

There are many Energy Healing protocols that can help us understand how the body works and how to awaken latent talent to help ease and heal your life. In this class you will learn about Energy Medicine, how to deal with stress, diminish anxiety and release pain. We will also explore on how to control these mini spurts of connection to the universal energy and learn proven ways of tapping into your potential with purpose and intention. Through this online course you will learn about the body and how it extends beyond the physicality that our eyes perceive. And you will be able to use that knowledge to restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance for yourself and your loved ones.

Anxiety, depression, chronic pain and many other ailments are conditions that we can work with to understand the body and its emotions and move through them to achieve balance and harmony within the body.

This Energy Medicine class can change your life for the better and put you on the path to well-being and self sufficiency!

The class is offered through an online platform where we will focus our new found knowledge in clearing old patterns within ourselves and practice moving through fear, lack, loss and anger.  You will receive the live link to the class a day before the event.

Class is 4 hours long, is accompanied by handouts and live Q&A's.



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