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Classes and workshops can help you learn ways to navigate life successfully and live in harmony with the world around you. All classes are offered as a support mechanism to creating a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and bring about Well-Being. Are you ready to tap into your innate power? You are at the right place!

-Find out how you can live a life without limitations. 

-Enhance your natural intuitive abilities and tap into your power within.

-Learn how to heal yourself, help loved ones, treat animals/pets and get in touch with your intuition all the while expanding your consciousness and joy.

-Bring acceptance, balance and vitality into your life. Now is the time to add confidence, self-esteem and energy medicine to your tool belt and watch as endless possibilities unfold in your life.

-What is Energy Medicine? Find out more.

​​Cutting edge classes and workshops are available throughout the year.

Click on your choice to see if it is currently being offered on the calendar. If you are interested in a class that is not currently available (will not show up on the calendar) or the date does not suit you, and you have a group of at least eight attendees, please contact me for possible additions of extra dates.


All Energy Medicine classes are by request only.

Please contact me to schedule a group or private class.

expand your mind

Due to the Covid pandemic some in person classes have been postponed for the time being.

Some Online classes are offered instead over zoom.

Please check back often for updated information.

Thank you

Healing Classes / Workshops

Ready for a new experience of growth and excitement?

Join me in ways of expanding our knowledge, exploring our options and empowering our lives within a group setting.

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