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Energy Medicine and it's Environment

I would love to tell you that my office is located on the beach just like the picture above, unfortunately you would have to go to the Maldives for that!

Energy Medicine has been found to be very beneficial and effective in helping the body heal from stress & anxiety, depression, chronic pain, immune system dis-eases, PTSD, cancer, pre and post surgical care, and many more of life's challenges.  As such the environment that you receive your session in can play a vital role in your relaxation and letting go.

Your personalized session begins with a short confidential consultation in which we discuss your reasons for seeking a treatment as well as physical, emotional & spiritual expectations. 

The room is prepared with care and if you are present for a one on one care this is a private and quiet space, with a comfortable massage table, soft bedding, perhaps a warming blanket if it is cold, music to your liking, and soft lights.

Fragrances/essential oils are only used according to your requests and liking.

An organic lavender/flax filled eye pillow may be used upon request to block out any light and absorb the soothing and relaxing smell of wild lavender.

When you are comfortable on the massage table we begin the Energy Medicine Session which an assessment of your physical/emotional/mental health as well as the state of your energy field. By using my hands and possible energy reading apparatuses while laying on a massage table I will take a read of your field. We might follow through with a variety of Energy Medicine/Vibrational Healing techniques and in session I will apply light or no touch (to your preference) to move and relieve congested energy from your field and in such way restoring  balance to your system. Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual adjustments are addressed according to your needs. Inducing a deep state of relaxation will allow the body to start resuming its normal healing capacity and be on its way to recovery. You will likely experience a calming effect as well as a renewed sense of energy during the session and for some time following your session/appointment. 

If you are engaging in a remote session, you will be instructed to go to a place where you will not be disturbed and if desired lay down or become comfortable to receive the session. Often, I may administer a session while you sleep, when the mind is quiet and out of the way. These remote sessions are especially beneficial for clients that are on different time zones and it is cumbersome to perform the session in their waking time. Clients report having slept peacefully and awakened rejuvenated.
A brief conclusion and recommendations will be given at the end of all sessions, or the morning after through phone/email, to help follow through with self-care and in such way possibly prolonging the healing effects of your visit. 

Coaching sessions may take place over Skype/Zoom or phone or in person at my office. The environment is always respectful, quiet and compassionate and geared towards finding clarity and focus while we work.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the services I offer.

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