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Energy Healing & Coaching

Solution based services for women seeking to overcome the negative impact of all forms of trauma.

It is time to reclaim your life & your


Trauma happens to all of us.

100% of people have experienced some sort of severe or complex trauma and often they are not consciously aware of it. How we deal with it can make the difference of whether we just survive through it, or get the support we need to thrive.


Hello and Welcome!

Inspired Health is a place where you can get support, feel heard and where you will be provided with all the tools and techniques for your own journey to healing, for gaining Self Awareness & learning Self Care. Healing & coaching sessions, NLP & Lucid Hypnosis are some of the practices I engage in to help you fully understand your experiences, move through trauma, recover your life, and achieve health, well-being and success. Appointments can be in person or remote.

If you have tried just about everything to no avail and could you use a helping hand I would be honored to work with you. I specialize in helping women who are struggling with chronic physical and emotional ailments that derive from trauma. Anxiety & Panic attacks, autoimmune diseases and mysterious ailments can all be the source of dis-regulation and trauma that is lodged in the body.

I can help you overcome your hurdles and begin living a joyful life again.  With these easy & effective approaches we will get to the root of any dis-ease and dysfunction, and help you make lasting positive changes.

Well-being can be so elusive at times, and often we do not even think about it as something that we deserve.  We all do deserve to be acknowledged and loved, and find the gift inside of us that helps us profoundly connect with life! But when we don't feel well, we lack the energy to make a change. These services are offered with this in mind: to provide support, healing and solutions to alchemize overwhelming experiences and help you reclaim your life.

Through custom tailored profound energy work, guidance, and empowering at-home practices, I will help you rebuild and live the life you have been dreaming of.

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I hope to see you soon, in person or virtually.

Nourishing Blessings,


Corinna Kromer Inspired Health Energy Medicine and Coaching

Corinna Kromer Inspired Health Energy Medicine and Coaching

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20 years of experience in helping women - and a few daring men -  overcome health challenges, fears and limitations and be their happiest, most successful and loving self.

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