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Trauma does not discriminate.
It comes to all of us.

It is time to reclaim your life & your


Self Awareness & Self Care tools & techniques
that help you move through trauma and achieve
health, well-being and success.

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Well-being can be so elusive at times, and often we do not even think about it as something that we deserve.  We all do deserve to be acknowledged and loved and find the gift inside of us that makes us tick! But when we don't feel well, we lack the energy to make a change. This model is created with this in mind: to provide support, healing and solutions to past trauma and help you reclaim your life.

My own struggles in life have led me to find cutting edge, effective solutions to move past limitations and emerge stronger than ever.  Over the last two decades I have guided hundreds of women around the globe to restore their health and vitality. Today, I can help you pinpoint and clear your blocks, build resilience and begin living a life that is fulfilling and joyful.
Through the use of Energy Medicine sessions, NLP & ETC, and by sharing Healthy Lifestyle Practices (including fun Cooking Principles), you will find the support that you need to make the shift and achieve joy & fulfillment in life.

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Realizing that we need all aspects of the mind and body to work together in order to create lasting change, I have compiled a model where all parts of ourselves can communicate, to promote healing and wholeness.  During Energy Medicine sessions we bring healing to the physical and emotional body. We address limiting beliefs and past trauma through NLP and ETC. And we achieve relaxation, pain relief and clarity through the use of visualizations, and Autogenic Training. This unique combination of modalities will provide you with hope and a daily routine of habits and practices that will help you achieve your goals and begin creating your new life. These are practices for life and will help you again and again through life's challenges.
Join me in a free consultation today and let's chat on how I can help you.

Learn a set of supportive habits
to build resilience, move through anxiety and release pain.

4 Ways to well-being

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Many of us get lost in the everyday hustle and then forget we once had a dream, let alone that it is even possible. I am here to tell you it is possible and am eager to share with you ways that you too can re-ignite your dreams and begin creating the life you have always wanted.
You have the choice on how you want to get started. Try an energy medicine session first or if you are the energetic type, dive into a coaching experience and start changing your life around today! Or start with one of our cooking classes and come join my husband and I in a fun cooking adventure. The ultimate gift to yourself is joining me in the Living Your Dream program, that will change your life forever. If you are a woman entrepreneur, join me and others at my Inspired Women Entrepreneurs and learn tools to succeed and thrive.

Take the first step today, by booking a fee consultation and begin seeing changes from the very beginning. Your life can be even better than you think!

Nourishment for the body and the soul!

I hope to see you soon, in person or virtually.

Nourishing Blessings,


20 years of experience in helping women - and a few daring men - all over the world overcome health challenges, fears and limitations

and be their happiest, most successful and loving self.

"Helping you move through life with purpose and joy"