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How does Energy Medicine work?

The first reaction when we fall and hurt our knee is to put our hands on it and hold them there. Nothing weird about that. It is an innate natural reaction, because somewhere deep down we know it helps us feel better. And it does..

Modern technology such as EKG’s and EEG’s measure the electrical bio-fields of our heart and our brain. In a similar way an Energy Therapy practitioner will use their hands to "feel" and assess their client’s body state. We use our hands to fluff and clear blockages from our body in order to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. If you are intrigued by science as I am, you can read some of Dr. James Oschman's work who noted in a study the following: "healer's" hands have similar frequencies and emit heat that can be healing. He said "Light comes out of the hands. Heat comes out of the hands and it can be therapeutic. In fact, if you bring your hands near a persons body sometimes they can feel the warmth from your hands; these are the frequencies of the molecules in your hands that are vibrating, living. Live molecules that are functioning, broadcasting their information into the patient’s body. Hand measurements have shown that very low frequencies called infra-sound come out of the human hand. This was done by measuring what comes out of the hands of chi quo masters. They produce specific frequencies that are too low in frequency to hear but you can pick them up with a microphone. A very sensitive machine called magnetometer or Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) is used to map the bio-magnetic fields in the space around the body."

Using our hands to heal is something that we can learn how to do intentionally. Practicing Energy Medicine for over two decades, my sessions have expanded to a new level, where I have control  over the process and I am guided to use higher vibrational frequencies. These frequencies I have found, help heal the body at a much more connected level. If you read further you will find out a little bit about how we as human beings work in a multifaceted capacity. It is important to understand that we exist on several levels; physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual.  Every day we are affected in different ways in each of these levels.

During a session we "listen to the body" to locate and clear any blockages within the  Human Energy System and we will mainly work with three body systems to gain information:

The Aura (The body’s electromagnetic field)
The Chakras   (The body’s energy centers) and
The Meridians (The body’s energy channels)

Having these systems balanced, results in a progressively healthy body, mind and spirit. In an Energy Therapy Session the ultimate goal is to restore the health of  these systems which will help the body bring about the natural state of balance and health itself. Along with those healing techniques, at the end of the session I may share with you mindfulness techniques and other wellness information that can help you achieve positive changes in your own time at home.

The new science of Epigenetics is now revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species. 
If you'd like to read more about Epigenetics there is now plentiful information online and in books alike.

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