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How can Coaching help me?

My passion lies in helping women across the world move through overwhelming experiences, overcome hurdles and successfully build a plan to live life at its fullest. These effective coaching strategies empower women and teach them how to step into an extraordinary life. They help you gain understanding, get support, build resilience, experience fulfillment and finally begin to enjoy well-being.

By integrating a lifetime of Mediterranean principles and 20 years of experience in Energy Medicine, Multi-sensory Brain Training and Heart-centered Coaching, you will receive guidance that will help you gain the strength to make changes and feel better. You will see the difference from your very first session.

Your life deserves an upgrade!

Coaching is right for you if:

  • You are eager to move through mental & physical health challenges

  • You are tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

  • You know there is something better out there.

  • You are finally ready to live the life you were meant to live.

  • You are looking for focused one on one time catered to your needs.

  • You need support to manifest your vision.

  • You are ready for a change and a one on one path to accountability.

  • You could use the support of a group to keep you going.

  • You want to live pain free, in abundance and joy and are willing to take the steps to bringing these along.

  • You want to be SUCCESSFUL in all areas of your life!

Wellness Coaching

Mediterranean Lifestyle Coaching Options:

  • 12 Steps to Freedom - a 3 month Lifestyle coaching & trauma resolution program, with 60 minute weekly sessions, to keep the momentum going. Appointments include a combination of hands on techniques, NLP practices and the unique Elevator to Consciousnesses (ETC) lucid hypnosis process. Sessions are delivered in person, over phone or Zoom platform. ETC sessions are combined with Energy Medicine where we energetically clear any old patterning and move into release and acceptance.  During the appointments

      - you will be guided to clarity on your root issue,

      - be given tools to compassionately bring in healing,

      - learn how to shift your thinking and state of being, and

      - gain some self-care practices to support you long term.

      - gain access to our Facebook group Nourish Your Temple - Heal Your Life


  • Inspired Women Entrepreneurs - Achieve Your Burning Desires a 3 month Mastermind Coaching Program, offered twice a year, with 60 minute weekly appointments. An online group Mastermind program that supports you with weekly live meetings, new tools and information, handouts with access for life, and a private Facebook group support. A phenomenal and high quality program to help you achieve your Burning Desires. Find out how you can commit to honoring your dreams.

  • Persevere - Coaching as you Go Package - 6 sessions - a three month follow up package with 60 minute bi-weekly appointments - A maintenance coaching program to keep you focused on the goals at hand. These sessions are key to staying on task and moving forward and identifying new goals and further focus in life. Choose Coaching Packages at checkout, to book this option.

     Prerequisite: 12 Steps to Freedom, 3 month coaching or other coaching package.

  • Need a BOOST - 3 sessions - If you feel stuck and need a short boost to get started this is the best option for you. I can help you get focused and on track, to achieve your life's dreams. Weekly sessions recommended. Choose Coaching Packages at checkout, to book this option.

  • HeartMath coaching provides scientifically proven, self-regulation tools which help individuals to experience the powerful connection between the mind and heart. People report higher levels of energy and resilience, a greater ability to regulate their emotions, creating successful personal and business relationships, and confidence in accessing and trusting their intuition. Learn more about HeartMath coaching and discover the benefits of living from the heart.

​​Ready to get started but have more questions? Contact me for  a free consultation - a thirty minute over the phone consultation to meet, ask questions and explore compatibility. 

Visit my fee structure and book an appointment on my Schedule app 

 * If you are new to remote sessions feel free to read the Long Distance session explanation to get an understanding of how we can work together no matter where in the world you are located.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle coaching system is a pathway to
Did you know that it can also help you move through challenges and bring joy and success into your life?

Mediterranean Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

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Corinna Kromer

Giving you the tools that you need to be Healthy, Happy & Joyful.

If you are reading this it is not by chance. Do you feel stuck in life or feel like you should be doing something different? Then this message is for you. If you are not 100% satisfied with your life and are not using the gifts that make you who you are this is a great time to shift some things around. If you have a burning desire inside of you to pursue a dream but are not sure how to, then I can help you.


Have you ever considered that you have some form of energetic exchange with everyone you meet in life and how people and the world react to you will depend on how YOU show up in this world? Imagine a world that is supportive, with true partnerships, meaningful communications and a world where you have the tools to face the monumental challenges that life brings.


My expertise lies in helping you find ways to pinpoint, manage, understand and heal any physical/mental/emotional/spiritual disconnection. Through coaching protocols and techniques such as the Elevator to Consciousness , ETC for short, we successfully target those areas in your life that need to be addressed and begin the journey to clarity, healing and fulfillment.

Born and raised in Greece I grew up living life in a very different way than much of the world. The Mediterranean Lifestyle is not only about diet. It is about human connections and community support (major stress busters). It is about nutrition and how to be in harmony with the seasons and about wise old traditions that make life exuberant and fun living.

If your life is not filled with joyful moments and good health, chances are you stand to change some things around. And I can help you do that.

As a  mama, an author, an energy medicine professional, a coach and life long Wellness Educator my coaching style flows organically through real and honest conversations forming a connection with you personally. My 12 Steps to Freedom Program was created with you in mind. After years of trial and error and finally returning to successfully living life myself, I want to share my wisdom with you. I invite you to step forth and receive what is rightfully yours; a life that you are happy to wake up to every morning and the chance to follow your dreams.


My goal is to help you understand and move through any past experiences that are holding you back from experiencing a fulfilled and joyful life. To help you uncover the true You that is ready to emerge. I am here to guide you, motivate you and help you succeed in your goals. Sessions are personalized and geared to assist you in clearing obstacles and show you ways of achieving your goals.

Blocks in life may show up as sleeping problems, health and stress problems, aches and pains in your body or financial issues. It is time to clear those old patterns and move into a life that is creative and fun!

After having navigated many of my own dark nights of the soul and emerging successful and joyful I thrive on passing these tools on and teaching others that while it may look like there is no way out our hardest trials can guide us into a new life where we truly enjoy who we are and what we do.

So, whether you have been looking to bring change and success into your life or you are just fed up with the old same ol', my coaching style and unique support system will prove vital in achieving your goals.


I believe in the uniqueness of each one of you and in creating a safe and mutually trusting relationship. Together we can find the source of your discord, bring it to light, embrace it's presence and move into releasing the attachments which no longer serve you. That will leave you free to finally pursue your goals without limitations.


What would you give to feel healthy, happy and fulfilled in life? This commitment is just what you need to breakthrough and begin living life the way you imagine it. Join me now for a chance to success, joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

No matter where you are you can join my coaching programs and start living the life you want! Isn't time you invested on your success & well-being?

** NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

***Please note that these sessions in no way replace any regiment and/or treatments from your primary care physician and are meant as extra layer of support and recommendations to aid you in your journey to joy and well being.

Living YOUR Dream
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