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Love this copy for a group event of my won:

From Dr. James Gordon

Participants will attend lectures on the latest research in mind-body medicine and experience CMBM’s pioneering Mind-Body Skills Groups. In these groups, they will practice a variety of techniques to reduce stress and enhance self-awareness, to mobilize their imagination and intuition, and to develop their capacity for self-care. They will, as well, share what they have learned with and learn from one another.

For more than 25 years, CMBM has taught this program to more than 5,000 professionals – clinicians, educators, community leaders, and peer counselors. Over that time, CMBM has developed what is likely the world’s largest, most effective program for healing population-wide stress and trauma. Its work in the Balkans, Israel, Gaza, Haiti, and with Syrian refugees, US veterans, and New York City Fire fighters post 9/11, and in troubled American communities has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and USA Today, and on CBS 60 Minutes.

4 Ways to well-being

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Three steps to positively change your life:

1. Get a clear intention on what you want to create/work on

2. Schedule an appointment for a Coaching / Energy Medicine session

3. Release and let me support you in co-creating this new vision's that easy. Get started today towards your journey to inner joy and fulfillment!

​​For over 20 years I have been offering Transformative Energy Medicine sessions, Mediterranean Lifestyle Coaching, Cooking classes & Educational Workshops and Talks that have boosted women's self esteem, uncovered their higher purpose and changed their lives.

I believe that success starts from within! ​If you are a woman entrepreneur determined to make a difference in the world while joyfully exploring your gifts I can give you the tools to begin living the life of your dreams.

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