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Created by the principles of light and color. 
Color therapy, also know as Chromotherapy, is an ancient healing technique that brings balance to the body and mind. It is offered here in the form of Color Essence Spritzers which you can take home and continue your Color treatment at your own pace.

Infused Color Therapy Spritzers & Solarized Blue Water

  • Color therapy is classified as vibrational healing, using the frequencies of each of the colors of the rainbow to balance the body in all its levels. In Chromotherapy, each color carries its own unique frequencies and hence healing properties. These properties get absorbed by the glands and the chakras and allow the body to adjust its vibration, let go of dis-ease and bringing about balance and ultimately a healthier state. Sunshine is one of the most valuable and readily available color therapy tools. Lack of sunlight may contribute to depression and S.A.D. symptoms for some people as your bodily functions are compromised from lack of light and color frequency. Certain colors may help alleviate depression symptoms, help you sleep, gain energy, deal with anxiety and balance your body.  
    Blue Solarized water is also available for cleansing, detoxing, clearing cellular memory and helping with karmic release. Solarized Blue water is beneficial for removing blocks in the conscious & subconscious levels.

    Color Spritzers may be used for yourself, your kids, or your special someone as well as animals. There are no side effects and you can spray them around your body as often as needed. They work on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

    Purchase the whole set of seven bottles for your Energetic First Aid Kit.

  • Or purchase the whole set of eight colors. Solarized blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Purple. Please call ahead to allow time to prepare a whole set.

    As of now these are available locally either by visiting my office or at the Hoistic fairs when I run a booth. If you have any questions please send me a message.

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