"When you remove the disturbance you let the body resume its healthy programming".



Healing is described as "The Process of making or becoming sound and healthy again".

Have you been looking for an answer to your problem but have found no relief?

Are you ready to become whole again? Why wait and suffer? Take this opportunity to make the change you need and book your appointment right now!

I feel confident I can help you whatever stage of your life you are in. 

Let's get you started in living the life you have always dreamed of. You are at the right place!

I will listen to what you have to share and help you feel comfortable throughout the session. My approach is informal and directive, so we can have a collaborative relationship and work together as partners. I will give you tools to get relief from pain or chronic conditions, help you overcome fears and limitations and align with your happiest, most powerful and loving self.

After having navigated many of my own "dark nights of the soul" and emerging successful and joyful I strive on passing on the message and teaching others that our hardest trials may guide us into a new life where we truly enjoy who we are and what we do. It is my goal to support you on your healing journey, to empower and inspire you, and to guide you forward in life by mentoring you in powerful ways. I am here to motivate you to take charge in difficult times and to give you support through challenging times. The experience and information I have to offer can get you on the path to recovery and support you in finding ways to thrive in life.

I can also educate you on the natural laws in such a way as to help you begin noticing the synchronicities in your life and give you tools to begin co-creating your reality and re-kindling your innate power.

I know it is possible because i have done it!

We are all unique so I have four very efficient & supportive processes for every need:

  1. Energy Medicine (optional Lucid Hypnosis-ETC)

  2. Coaching

  3. Workshops / Events

  4. Motivational Speaking


In the beginning for a deep and effective change to take place, following a regime of Coaching/Energy Medicine sessions is a must in order to keep you on a steady path to recovery and wellness. As such signing up for a package will help you stay consistent and achieve change and positive  results more timely and with efficiency. One time sessions can be beneficial especially when dealing with acute pain or immediate life decisions but for a long term change, a long term engagement is recommended.

It is my experience that my client's success rate is highly enhanced when they follow the powerful  combo protocol of coaching and energy medicine sessions. Feel free to visit client's empowering testimonials and become inspired on beginning your own journey into well-being and success.

1. Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a platform for deep healing that happens on the mental, emotional and physical levels and supports you on your return path to wholeness. Sessions are deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing and come with many positive side effects such as pain relief, clarity and direction.

If you suffer from         chronic pain          anxiety/depression          stress & overload          a deep void          lack of direction, or need a sense of focus, organization and balance in your life, then Energy Medicine and coaching will be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. If you are dealing with chronic physical pain that stops you from reaching your full potential, Energy Medicine sessions will help you find the support and long term pain relief that you need.


You can scroll down to the informational blocks to read more on energy medicine, Healing Touch, Reiki and other forms of energy therapies or visit the Energy Medicine page.

  • Energy Medicine Sessions are offered in individual 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions and packages are offered upon checkout. Packages and Consistent follow up sessions are instrumental for coherence and maintenance. Making the commitment to your health and success provides results and is more fulfilling when you experience results.

       (Upon check out you will be given the option to purchase a package.)

  • The WELLNESS Revolution, is a monthly remote Energy Medicine service that helps keep you on track when life gets busy and you might not have the time to come in or schedule a session. These long distance sessions are life savers and can really keep you going by offering a boost of energy and healing to keep you joyful and stress free!

2. Wellness/Success/HeartMath Coaching Sessions

These appointments are transformative and can work alone or hand in hand with Energy Medicine sessions. Experience has shown that combining the two brings about faster and deeper results. Whether you are looking for support on a personal or business level, these Transformative Coaching Sessions provide you with the tools you need to conquer your life and become successful in what you do.

More information on the amazing changes you can achieve can be gleamed here. 

  • Coaching sessions are available in convenient 60-75 minute sessions as well as in packages, to help you reach your potential more effectively. (Packages are available upon check out.​​)

3. Classes, Workshops & Events

Lifestyle classes and workshops are alternative and interactive ways of learning how to navigate life successfully. Click on the link to find out what courses are on the schedule or request a private class for a group of 8 attendees or more. You can choose from different topics such as Meditation, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, Crystals, Aromatherapy, and Mediterranean Cooking & Wellness. All classes are offered as a support mechanism to creating a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and bring about Well-Being..

FREE CONSULTATION: It is essential to ensure a good fit on both sides in order to reinforce maximum benefits through our sessions.  If you would like to talk to me further please schedule a free 20 minute consultation in person or over the phone.


Prices quoted are for office and remote visits, within the regular operating days/hours. Appointments requested outside regular hours and on location are subject to an extra fee.

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