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Corinna's FREE Energetic Blocks Clearing is yours!

You have come to the right place. This MP3 is designed to empower you and get you unstuck. Escaping the daily rut is hard and even more difficult if you continue doing the same things day in and day out and expect different results. After all is that not the definition of insanity?


Well it can! That is all up to you. This audio will help you in becoming aware and eventually clearing any patterns in your life that do not serve you. Those small and large habits that keep you stuck where you are. In this reality that does not make you happy. This audio will not change your life unless you let it. It will help you step out of your every day thinking and create a space for you to welcome change and expansion into your life. It is said that it takes 21 days to change a habit - I recommend you stick with this audio for at least 30 days in order to open up your awareness to new possibilities and solidify any changes you want to make.



You’ll need to download this MP3 onto your computer or refer to (Dropbox??) and/or the mobile app for assistance in downloading to your mobile device.


Depending on your device and media player, instruction will vary. We encourage you to search online (YouTube is a wonderful resource) for how to set to replay within your specific media player.


You can listen to it as often as you like! However it is recommended that you become familiar with the content of this audio by listening to it often. This way the concepts spoken to you can become part of your habits and your repertoire and help you manifest your desired changes.  So you may choose to play it once a day for 30 days or play it continuously to your hearts' content.. Follow your guidance and notice the shifts that are happening inside of you.



Listening and working with this MP3 will shift energy and create possibilities for you to expand and create changes in your reality. It is recommended you follow with an Energy Medicine session to solidify and settle those beneficial changes on a deep subconscious level. The energy session can help speed up the process and assist in grounding it into your field.


Life Changing - Finally moving through blockages

10/05/16      Fort Collins, CO

My experience with Corinna was life changing.  After years of holding onto some very negative energy around one of my family members I am now able to approach the situation with love and light.  Corinna’s powerful healing technique physically removed the negative energy stored in my shoulder and opened my heart to new possibilities.  I am truly grateful for her gift. ~Kellie Falbo


My Well-being has improved

05/09/11    Fort Collins, CO

Corinna brings a professional presence that is saturated in peace, skill, creativity and intuition. Her abilities as a health awareness coach are revealed in lives that are healthier, happier and more effective. Personally, I know my well-being has improved because of her presence in my life.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity....


Are you new to Energy Medicine?

Click on the links below to learn more on how to empower yourself, find relaxation and focus and take control of your life.

Energy Medicine

If you have never experienced an Energy Medicine session you are in for a treat! So often clients comment on how relaxed they feel after a session and if it is their first time they are amazed on how they do not ever remember feeling so cared for and at peace! Energy Medicine can be instrumental in clearing the channels in your body that are overflowing with tension and stress and allowing you to find balance and health once again. By accessing meridian points and energy centers essential flow in the body is re-established and you feel renewed and rejuvenated. As such you regain the strength and will to make healthy changes in our life. Sessions can be hands on or off as you feel comfortable, you remain fully clothed while you lay on a massage table and allow yourself to relax and reach a calm and peaceful state.

Energy Medicine works on a physical, mental and emotional level and therefore can help clear various blockages that are standing in your way and not allowing you to thrive in life. These sessions are incredibly nurturing and relaxing and can help in breaking through your perceived limitations.  Energy Medicine can be beneficial in soothing pain, releasing emotional traumas, boosting the body's immune system and healing protocol and provide psychological relief. Our body is a container for all the beliefs, ideas, emotions and limitations of a lifetime. Are you ready to receive some guidance and clearing and be on your way to the life you are dreaming of? How long has it been since you received caring and healing without any judgement? Isn't it time?

If you are interested in learning how to use Energy Medicine for yourself, to help your family and bring change to the world please visit my classes page and get on your journey of self discovery and empowerment.


You can have everything you desire - it is possible. But first you need to adjust the way you think and see life. By experiencing and learning more about energy medicine you will be on your way to achieving your wildest dreams! Of course you are the most important factor in this equation. Only you can decide to begin making changes and start focusing on the things that inspire you the most in life. So if you are ready we can begin. Schedule a session or sign up for a class today. Worst case scenario you will leave relaxed and rejuvenated. Or better yet you will be directed to amazing opportunities in your life that you can begin taking advantage of and create the life you deserve!

Reiki classes are always a wonderful introduction to Energy Medicine. You will begin with Reiki I and work your way into Quantum Reiki II - IV where you will find access to tools that will help you start co-creating your own reality.

Most classes run for a day, morning through afternoon and beginning classes are available for all interested no matter of your background and education.

More info on Energy Medicine

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