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     If you have ever wondered - "Who am I?", "What am I really doing here?", "What is my purpose in life?” chances are you are looking for a way to feel whole again and live life from a different view – the view of the sacred, peaceful Light Worker.

If you are craving peace in the world, if you are compassionate and care for the human and animal kingdom very strongly, if you try to find ways to be kind to mother earth and live peacefully upon this planet, then you are probably a Light Worker.

     We are powerful Beings and have a Soul of purpose. Long ago however, we became disconnected from the planets grid, as Earth’s grid itself became damaged and we have not been the same since. We have a physical body, a biofield and a soul that as a group can perform at a very high vibrational level, but our system is fragmented and partly disconnected and we are not able to access all our power.

You came here to experience life in its fullest

in all realms and it’s time to reconnect to that purpose.



     Vibratory Grid Activation attunements are non invasive, relaxing sessions that allow our body to re-connect our energetic highways and once again flood our acupuncture meridians with the abundant energy of the universe which in turn helps our body, mind and soul re-integrate and function in a balanced way. This re-awakens our dormant strands of DNA, activates and detoxes our cellular memory and allows for a much more fulfilling life at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. We are light bodies and our photos emit a certain frequency;  when we are able to absorb more light and raise our frequency, our vessel becomes filled with life force and knowledge. As taught in Healing Touch, Aura Soma and other energy systems the Subtle Anatomy of Man is comprised among other things of the Chakras, the Earth Star, the Incarnational Star and the Soul Star. All these are gateways by which we are connected to the grid of creation and constantly exchange light and information with. While these are not seen with the naked eye, like a limb or other part of the body, their balanced function and open flow is essential to the well-being and the spiritual awakening of the person.

     At a level deep down we all know we have great potential, can manifest our dreams and are here to make a difference while sharing our gifts. If you are reading this chances are this is the time for you to re-connect the lost fragments of your soul and become whole again.


Vibratory Grid Activation is performed in two separate 60 minute sessions, scheduled 1 week apart.

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