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What Does Energy Medicine Feel Like? Reiki, Healing Touch, Vibrational Healing

Many people often experience Energy Medicine as deep relaxation. Others experience it as Love. Love is a uniting power that leads us forward to an even greater state of oneness with the whole of creation. The real goal of humankind is to translate this state into reality and to live it out. Love is the original home of the soul where it returns to be united as a drop with the boundless ocean of being, A state of union encompassing knowledge and wisdom, creativity and harmony as well as self-realization, all-embracing love and eternal bliss.

The most common thing experienced during treatment is a sense of peace and relaxation, often combined with a pleasant feeling of security of being enclosed in a fine sheathe of energy. Generally, the experience is somewhat different every time.


Recipients have reported the following sensations:

- A sense of Deep Relaxation

- A soothing, secure feeling

- Feel very peaceful

- Pain Relief

- Relief from Anxiety, Depression and Tension

- Sometimes may feel tingly

- Warmth – in general or from the practitioners hands

- Some recipients see images or colors or receive guidance

- Lowered temperatures towards the end of the session

- General Relaxation

After a regimen of sessions

- Returning to a healthy Sleep patterns

- Finding support during times of grief and big life changes

- Adapting supportive techniques for easing PTSD

- Restoring the body's emotional strength to make changes in life

- Incorporating healthy patterns in lie that lead to wellness and joy

The recipient often feels warmth or tingling in the area being treated. Similar to a massage, effects such as deep relaxation, calm and peace usually follow the session and may last for several weeks. Pain relief is often observed after a session and sometimes a burst of energy is present. Ailments and symptoms that were present before the session may be alleviated for long periods of time. Anxiety is lessened and a sense of peace is restored. General a feeling of well-being is present and a sense of feeling complete and centered.

Corinna Kromer Energy Medicine
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