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The link among food, medicine, and health goes as far back as 460 BC. In ancient Greece, Asclepios, the God of medicine and healing, promoted ways of staying strong and vibrant through food and thought. Later on, Hippocrates, considered to be the Father of Medicine, revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece with an approach to healing that promoted the role of plants in managing health.  In our kitchen, we love to use wholesome ingredients which nature graces us with to create delectable, healthy dishes that nourish the body and the soul!

Food is a direct pathway to the soul

that reaches us in a very primal place.

Nutritious Food = Happy Soul & Body

We offer Mediterranean and BBQ cooking classes by demand. 

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An event that offers a combination that may include a cooking demonstration, group luncheon, presentation and group activities. More detailed description is available upon check out. In the past we have included an intro to healthy cooking presentation, cooking demonstration of a Mediterranean seasonal meal, & community luncheon outdoors,


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A Mediterranean approach to health and wel-being

Nourish your Soul 

Sweet Walnuts

Simple & Delicious Healthy Desert


1      cup raw walnut halves or pieces

4      tsp wild flower/thyme Raw honey

        Optional: dash of cinnamon


Simply serve walnuts in individual bowls or ramekens, top with honey and cinnamon. A delicious, healthy dessert in minutes.   

Serves 4 people   (All Seasons)


Gluten Free

Corinna P. Kromer, HTCP, CRM/T, HMC/M, NLP, Rev. 
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