Let me help you get back on track!


Simple, everyday, Energy Medicine and Lifestyle Practices that support women entrepreneurs in achieving Health & Well-being.

Here's how I can help:

Through powerful Energy Medicine sessions,

Mediterranean Lifestyle Coaching techniques & educational workshops

I can give you the tools to begin living the life of your dreams.

If you need a quick fix or a need support for a chronic condition an Energy Medicine session can help you feel better fast.

If you are looking to finally address that part of your life that does not fulfill you then the Lifestyle Coaching sessions are the ticket for you.

Or you can start with 1 session of each and see what you like best.

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Energy Medicine
Ways to bring balance, well-being and joy into your life.
Achieve your Dream Life!
Health, Wellbeing & Success
It is my joy to provide Inspirational Key Notes & Motivational Speeches.
Ready to learn more?
Let's expand your consciousness.
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The Mediterranean Lifestyle is the way to HEALTH & WELL-BEING.

Did you know it can also help bring joy and success into your life?

Do you like being in control of your health?

Do you like having plentiful energy to do all the things you love?

Do you like enjoying life at its fullest?

Do you like cooking?


Let me help you get back on track with all the things you love in life!

I will listen to your story and actively participate in creating solutions to your problems.

Blocks in life may show up as health problems, sleeping issues, chronic aches and pains or even financial struggles and a chaotic life. Lets clear those old patterns together and move today into a life where Healthy, Wealthy and Joyful are the norm!

The Mediterranean Lifestyle is the way to

HEALTH & WELL-BEING. Did you know that it can also help bring joy and success into your life?

Find out how the Living YOUR Dream™  coaching program can change your life and help you Get Anything You Want.

Are you a Veteran?

If you are local please join us at The Healing Warriors Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado, to experience non-narcotic therapy to service members and their families for pain, PTSD and sleep issues.


Well-being for Veterans
and their families
through non-narcotic services and education.
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20 years of experience in helping women - and a few curious men - all over the world overcome health challenges, fears and limitations

and be their happiest, most successful and loving self.

Proudly Serving the

"Helping you move through life with purpose and joy"
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Corinna P. Kromer, HTCP, CRM/T, HMC/M, NLP, Rev. 
~ Inspired Health Energy Medicine & Coaching  - Fort Collins,  CO          
Highly Transformative Mediterranean Lifestyle Coach
Board Certified Energy Medicine Professional
Wellness Educator, Writer  & Motivational Speaker ~
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