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Taking Charge of Your Life
~ 3 easy steps


Many people have asked me to put together a few tidbits on how to get relief from anxiety, find some calm in our lives and find the clarity to focus on the things that are important to us. Especially during these global turbulent times, where a peaceful mind and heart seem to be scarce, I invite you to join me for a time to be empowered and guided. I created this 3 module virtual event, just 1 hour each, packed with information and tools on how to begin living the life we dream about. This checklist is a precursor to everything we do and how we express our reality. We will be covering a lot of ground so fasten your seat belts!

Class will be delivered through the Zoom platform and link will be emailed when you sign up.

  • A simple Energy Body Dialogue checklist (you’ll start communicating with your body, mind, and spirit from day one of this course!)

  • There is no better time to learn how to access your body’s innate wisdom. Your body is an incredible machine. We will learn how to notice and understand the subtle messages that your body is giving you. Are you paying attention or are you waiting for the cosmic 2x4 to hit you?

  • Begin interacting with your body’s communications in the language of energy and feeling so that you may not only understand what is happening but also make some positive changes towards your health and well-being.

  • Body, mind and Spirit are who you are. We are so much more than just this body! You are connected to a higher source and a fail proof guidance system. Now is the time to listen to your inner guidance and allow yourself to connect and express your unique nature.

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