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These pillows are for your pleasure and relaxation. Tuck in a crystal, prayer or an affirmation, drip your favorite essential oil and place it close to you to enjoy its beneficial properties.
Color therapy is an ancient healing technique that brings balance to the body and mind. The different vibrations of each of the rainbow colors correspond to each of our 7 major chakras and are related to a specific gland. By seeing and absorbing in the frequency of each color along with the benefits of aromatherapy, we allow for clearing and balancing of our energy system and hence our body.
Use it for yourself, your kids, or your special someone
If your favorite color is not available I would be glad to take a special order. Due to the unique nature of the fabric no two pillows are exactly the same. All pillows are square and measure approximately 6"x6".

Chakra Pillows (Energy Infused with pockets)

  • The Chakra Pillows are hand made from Batik fabric. They have a pocket on one side in which you can tuck in a crystal, an affirmation, or a picture to enhance the healing properties of your pillow. You may drip your favorite essential oils on it and lay down or sleep with it to receive its energetic and aromatic benefits. Color therapy has been used since ancient times to bring balance to mind and body. The Chakra Pillows are made in the Seven Chakra colors to provide support for each individual center.

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