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12 Steps to Freedom

What is it and how would it help me?

My own struggles in life have led me to extensive research and training in order to understand and heal the cause of my health challenges. After many years of struggling with lack of energy, pains, aches and autoimmune diseases, I began discovering natural, effective solutions to help me move past my own limitations. While I kept stumbling through unresolved trauma that I didn't even know I had, the use of these new tools and habits helped me emerge stronger than ever. Combining techniques, ideas and practices, I put together my own process of healing and gained invaluable knowledge that continue to support me through life to this day. In gratitude for all I have now, I want to share these tools and my very own healing system that has already guided hundreds of women around the globe to restore their health, their vitality and their smile.

Experience and curiosity led me down the path of exploring trauma even further. Fascinated by the psyche, and understanding how turbulent events in our lives set up subconscious programs in our minds, I created a plan on how to soothe emotions, establish a sense of safety and use supportive ways to promote lasting positive change. I learned that when the body undergoes stress and functions from a flight or fight and hypervigilence perspective it depletes its energy reserves, There is not enough energy then for health, growth and restoration but only to "run away from danger". This is why some of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress are exhaustion, lack of interest, shame, guilt, and feeling detached from the world and loved ones.


Amazingly, the most successful people are often the ones that hold a lot of trauma. That is because, in order to avoid dealing with the root issue, they often focus on work and bury anything else that would remind them of a perceived brokenness. They are determined that they will not be stopped or be a victim of their circumstances and simply avoid dealing with anything in their past that would remind them of that. While these people can become very successful in life, there comes a time when the past will catch up with them and destroy any sense of safety and well-being. That is usually when many people begin to seek answers and are willing to make a change in their life. You can be successful, healthy and happy at the same time. You do deserve to experience life at its fullest. As they say better late than never.

The 12 Steps to Freedom protocol, is a 3 month stress and trauma resolution program. It is 12 weekly sessions, to keep the momentum going. Sessions include Energy Medicine approaches, Coaching, NLP, ETC-Lucid Hypnosis and is adjusted to cater to your personal needs. During the appointments you get clarity on your root issue, are given tools to compassionately bring in healing, learn how to shift your thinking and state of being, and gain self-care practices that will support you long term. You will be learning and developing tools and habits for life!


Client Care Plan

Energy Medicine (EM) – Healing Touch/Reiki/Craniosacral Therapy

EM sessions are typically 60 minutes long and can be either in person or over telehealth video platform. These sessions follow a holistic approach to healing, which means that they support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, addressing your whole being. Energy Medicine refers to proven energy healing modalities that have been around for thousands of years offering a state of well-being that is gentle and fee of negative side effects.


Prolonged stress and discord can cause major disturbances in the body which eventually leads to dis-ease and malaise. Energy Medicine, can bring relief to ailments such as stress, pain, anxiety or depression, physical or emotional trauma and restore a sense of vitality and well-being. Stress causes physical and emotional discomfort that throws us off balance. That leaves our immune system depleted and leads to imbalances in the body. Restoring the energetic frequency and electrical flow allows the body to resume its natural healing capacity.


During the healing session, all you need to do is lay back on a massage table or in the comfort of your own safe space, fully clothed, and relax. You will feel yourself becoming calmer and may even fall asleep. That is perfectly fine, as the busyness of mind chatter can lay to rest as well. As the nervous system regulates, the body resumes its self-healing capacity. Our body knows exactly what to do to restore balance and health when given the chance. When the time is up, you will be gently nudged to return to the present moment and then go about your day. Most people feel very relaxed, and experience pain relief and general well-being. Often you have clarity of mind and feel emotionally stronger and healthier. You will generally feel an improvement since the beginning of the session. Good hydration, some doodling or journaling and general processing will be helpful in assimilating any new information. Sessions can be in person or remote.


Weekly supportive energy medicine sessions are important in promoting healthy changes. Depending on the situation, a bi-weekly session might be needed for more serious conditions. The 12 week session package is in place to address persistent and chronic problems than need persistent care to facilitate a healthy permanent change. Follow up monthly sessions will be beneficial to provide support and maintenance of care.



ETC (Elevator to Consciousness) - Lucid Hypnosis

ETC appointments are usually about 60-90 minutes long and can be in person or over Telehealth video platform.

ETC is a conscious technique I developed as a way of helping my clients overcome stubborn obstacles and move efficiently through old subconscious programming, fears, and trauma. ETC, a form of lucid hypnosis, can help you get to the root of any issue and effectively eliminate unwanted thoughts and behaviors.


Some people do not do well with talk therapy and need something different. ETC is fast, efficient and gets to the point. It is a form of regression that keeps you in complete control of your senses during the session and yet allows you to work with the deep subconscious and begin making positive changes in your life. During the session, you sit or lay back comfortably, fully clothed and are guided through the process by my voice, in amazing lucidity. The relaxation effect takes you to a theta level brainwave where clarity and change is possible. ETC is a powerful way of accessing the subconscious and providing healing and relief to memories and traumas that plague us throughout our lives. By the end of the session you will be guided back to the present moment, with complete clarity of your experiences and guidance that you received. You will then be able to apply that new understanding to your current issues and be able to find healing and understanding as you move forward in life.


Sometimes combined with NLP Therapy (Neuro Linguistic Programing) it can bring about fast, efficient and safe desired changes. This combination is a powerful transformational process that gives you lasting freedom from chronic issues and can improve your life in just a few sessions.



NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP techniques are woven into energy medicine sessions and can work in person or over Telehealth video platform.

NLP is a form of therapy that helps change negative thoughts, and by default unwanted behaviors, in order to help people achieve desired relief from any issue. NLP therapy identifies undesirable thought patterns and replaces them with successful patterns that lead to desired results. In essence, NLP uncovers and reprograms limiting beliefs to bring about a change in behavior. It has proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD, low self-esteem, phobias and it gives a boost to those seeking career success and personal enhancement.

During the session, we use NLP to access those limiting beliefs and replace them with more positive statements. It is easy, and the client is guided by my voice each step of the way. After the session, it is easier to circumvent old thoughts and habits and replace them with new healthy ones.


The goal of NLP is to help the client understand that the way one views the world affects how one operates in the world, and that it is necessary to change the thoughts and behavior patterns that have not proven beneficial in the past.



General Lifestyle Practices

During the course of these sessions you will be instructed on techniques and ways of approaching life in a way that is more palatable and to create new habits that will be supportive in your journey. Handouts, visualizations, meditations and wellness videos may be part of your package. At all times, you may keep what resonates with you at this time and through your healing journey. All information & hands outs are recommendations. We need to remember though that growth comes from pushing ourselves to move past uncomfortable situations in life and find clarity and healing.


You will also be given self-help practices that will support and guide you for the rest of your life.


Results are very personal and unique as every one of us faces unique challenges. Sessions are most often followed by clarity, a sense of relief and closure. Clients have reported profound changes, claiming a new found energy and a brighter outlook in life. They now possess a new understanding of what was standing in their way, have the strength to make positive changes and communicate this understanding to their subconscious and conscious references.

This commitment is just what you need to breakthrough and begin living life the way you imagine life could be.

Join me now for a chance to experience success, joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

*Please note that while these practices can help you heal and find well-being in your life, they are in no way meant to replace medical guidance from your primary care provider.

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